Monday, October 20, 2014

Fit is Sexy

I was lucky to be born with a certain natural talent for athletics, which as I got to be an adolescent was improved by countless hours of running and sport training. One of the upsides of this was that in my youth many of the girls I interacted with were also athletic. People who have always had it good, don't know how the other half live- and sex with people that are quite sedentary is just simply not as good. Although woman tend to think that men want "skinny" girls, this isn't necessarily the case, smart men (and most men anyways) find athletic fit woman most attractive. While not all woman want muscle bound hulks, a woman that says she dreams of flab probably isn't being honest with you.

Now before I go any further, there are a lot of factors that play into good sex and this certainly isn't the biggest.  You can be the fittest person in the world, but if you don't have any idea what you're doing or what's going on in the head of the other person or any chemistry with them, then it just doesn't really matter. If she's a trained gymnast who can preform a perfect triple full layout, but she's a starfish in bed none of that skill is doing anybody any good. The same goes for men, he might be able to run up and down the soccer field all day, but the ability to physically endure longer may just mean you're preforming poorly longer if you don't really know what you're doing. 

That said, assuming you've got a handle on the basics, the ability to actually preform as desired can take some physical strength. For men this can be as simple as having to hold yourself up and over her for the duration of fairly standard missionary, and many other positions require quite a bit more core or upper body strength.Flopping on top of her with some lame excuse about wanting to be closer isn't getting anyone in the mood. More importantly though people that are in better shape have better body awareness and control, and that counts for a lot. Increased agility, coordination, and flexibility can lead to much more satisfying encounters.

People in better shape also tend to have healthier sex drives in general. Studies have shown that people in their 60s who have regular exercise report sex lives with the same frequency and satisfaction as people in their 40s. Cardiovascular health has a large impact on the willingness and readiness of  both genders as well. The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that athletic woman showed better clitoral blood flow and over all better sexual function in terms of arousal, lubrication, and orgasm. Blood flow is obviously important for men, and if you want to stay away from the little blue pills making sure you stay active has shown to reduce the risk of ED by around 30%. All of this also means that getting all hot and sweaty together at the gym can also lead to a little rolling around in bed (or wherever you deem best) after the fact. It's been shown that woman are more sexually responsive after moderate exercise and show increased levels of arousal.

All the boring numbers aside, there are the intangibles and the stuff hat really impacts the act itself. While not as often a problem for men as woman, people who are in good shape more often have a positive body image of themselves giving them more confidence while in the buff and a confident partner is a partner you're going to have a lot more fun with. Fit people can make marathon events out of it, and actually follow through on the tantalizing whispers of going all night.

What about all that sex dampening your athletic prowess? I know I was always told to stay away from my girlfriend and wear boxing gloves to bed the night before a race, the idea being that sex before a big game or race would reduce performance. Science apparently doesn't back this idea up. I was a little surprised by this because anecdotal evidence would suggest that indeed sex does seem to drain that well you go to when you need to dig deep, but apparently studies so far have not indicated this to be true. Only sex within two hours of athletic training shows any adverse affect on performance. So even if you've got a half marathon in the morning, no need to forgo a little healthy tumble in bed apparently.

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